Facebook security breach gives users admin privs on corporate pages

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facebookA Facebook user discovered that a security glitch gave him administrative control over several corporate pages, including those of Microsoft, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. The glitch gave him complete control over the pages.

The bug was noticed late Wednesday by Tom Krieglstein, founder of Chicago-based technology training company Swift Kick, who found he had been granted administrative access to Pages belonging to Microsoft, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. “I was just looking at my Pages,” he said in an interview Thursday. “I noticed that it was showing me other companies’ as well.” The largest Page, Star Wars, allowed him to send a message out to more than 825,000 fans.

Krieglstein noted that a less than honorable user could have used the glitch to spam the thousands of fans of each page, kicked off the legit administrators, or even delete the pages altogether. Facebook fixed the glitch shortly after it was featured on a Facebook fan blog. They’ve had no comment about it however.

Facebook has made a lot of changes over the past few weeks and it appears the ones made to the Pages feature had something to do with the glitch. Users have been reporting other glitches as well, ranging from apps refusing to load to authentication errors when attempting to update one’s status. Hopefully Facebook will iron out the kinks soon and be back to the fun, stable social network we all love.

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  • ericp

    Decreasing Facebook fans, another FB security issue or a major bug?