Sugar Sync now available for the BlackBerry

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Sugar Sync now available for the BlackBerryBlackBerry users have just been given a nice option when it comes to accessing their personal (or business) files while on the go. SharpCast has recently announced the release of a SugarSync application for the BlackBerry.

SugarSync allows you to easily sync, store, access and even edit files between a PC and/or Mac, the cloud and now your mobile phone. Key features of the BlackBerry application include remote file access and editing, on-demand synchronization and shared folders. Additionally, you can browse, view and even directly upload photos taken with your BlackBerry.

As of now, the BlackBerry client is still listed as beta, however it is available for anyone to download, and can be found here. Current SugarSync users will be able to begin using it immediately, and new users can get a 45-day trial to test out the service.

This release comes in addition to the client they currently offer for for the Apple iPhone and also Windows Mobile. Personally I have been using SugarSync for about 6 months now and would not hesitate to offer a recommendation, it has been a solid service in my experience.

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    wow it is great feature that now we can access my files without download and can be share folder it provide easy and fast view of files

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