Gadgetell review: Kensington Contour Bag – the bag for traveling with tech

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kensington contour overnight bag laptop rollerGot a laptop and a couple day business trip? Look no further, this is your new bag. I got the chance to put the Kensington Contour Overnight notebook roller through its paces and honestly, I am not sure if I’ve gotten all my stuff out of it: the myriad of pockets and places to stash stuff is dizzying. Let’s start from the ground up.

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Big wheels, not the typical smallish rollerblade wheels, but large polyurethane ones that roll far smoother than any piece of luggage I’ve used in quite some time. Heck, in that long dash between terminals, I kept thinking the bag was pushing me; it rolls that smoothly. I found the telescoping t-handle to be comfy and holds the bag away from heels where I find I am constantly kicking other bags. This was a nice change. The bag has two big plastic handles to pick the bag up that nest in one another. The grip was comfortably and easy.

kensington contour overnight bag laptop roller

8 ball, corner pocket

The front of the bag has two big pockets. The bottom pocket expands like a file. Inside are two dividers to keep your papers separate, a couple of mesh pockets and a zippered pocket. The other pocket is your general purpose pocket that has storage for pens, business cards, a mesh pocket with elasticized band to keep whatever in there and interestingly, this pocket has some padding from the outside world. I thought this top pocket would be my go to pocket for phones and iPods and such. But it wasn’t.

My go to pocket was one that took me a couple of days to find. At the top of the front is a mystery zipper that reveals a shallow free form pocket. I don’t know why but this ended up being where I’d stash my wallet, phone, headphones, and such. Maybe it was the hidden part I liked so much.

Room for clothes

The entire front zips down revealing a huge compartment for clothes. A zippered pocket and clothing tie downs can be found in this pocket and there is padding around the edges. This pocket opens in 180 degree fashion for easy loading.

The large middle pocket in the bag is for the laptop. The removable laptop sleeve is in there and accommodates up to a 17″ laptop. The pocket is cavernous and the laptop sleeve only takes up part of it, more places to cram stuff.

Overstuffing permitted

kensington contour overnight bag laptop rollerOn most bags, we’d be done talking about the bag. But this one allows access to the “guts” of the bag. Here, the telescoping handles hide out and mesh pockets can be found on either side. The extra pocket is big and in most bags you don’t even get access to this area. Kensington seems to know we overstuff our bags and this bonus part really shows how much the designers thought about travelers like us.

Last but not least is a Velcro side pocket for that last minute beverage you buy in the terminal for sipping as the delay announcements roll by. The pocket is inconspicuous and out of the way when not needed.

My demo bag did have a rip on the front that I am told isn’t the norm. The company stands behind the bag with a limited lifetime warranty and that is enough to make it worry free in my book.


Overall, the bag is constructed well, is a great size for up to three days of clothes (if you wear the same shoes all three days) and has enough hiding spaces to bring along all your stuff. I rate this bag 10/10. It was that impressive.

Product page: [Kensington]

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  • gerrial

    nice bag for travelers. i'll buy the 8 ball corner pocket, one