The BlackBerry App World is open for business

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BlackBerry App World

RIM’s BlackBerry is about to get a lot more unproductive. Welcome to the BlackBerry App World, which will help get RIM’s super-duper business machine to compete against the iPhone and its App Store.

To get to the BlackBerry App World, you have to download it. You can download it from the phone by typing in a pretty long URL or just email yourself the link at RIM’s site. You can also download App World to your PC and sync via USB. The store is supported in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States at launch.

What apps are out there already? There’s a couple of news apps already thanks to Bloomberg and the New York Times. Social networking and online chat is on the BlackBerry with AIM, Facebook, ICQ, and MySpace. Also, lots of music apps are available with Pandora, Slacker, and Shazam. Purchasing apps requires a PayPal account.

RIM does not seem to have an exclusive killer app for their store just yet. I’m sure that RIM is featuring these particular apps to sway the iPhone crowd.

Download: [BlackBerry App World]

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