Microsoft to reportedly keep XP alive for another year

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Microsoft to reportedly keep XP alive for another yearInterestingly enough, XP was supposed to die by May 30 of this year, yet reports indicate that Microsoft is going to allow HP to continue using XP in their computers until April 30, 2010. With all the hype surrounding the news Windows 7, it seems odd that Microsoft would still let XP float around, but according to a rumor, it’s very possible that is the case.

Now, don’t think they will be continuing to upgrade XP, only security updates will be maintained. The future of Microsoft lies with Windows 7 and Vista, not with the 8 year old XP. Of course, it will still cost you to downgrade to XP from Vista, as Microsoft wants people to give Vista a chance. However, if HP gets the green light to keep installing XP on their computers, I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies were allowed to use XP as well. Windows 7 is still slated for an October release, so it will be interesting to see how Windows 7 fares when XP is still going strong. The people who have tested the beta version of Windows 7 have been pretty pleased with the performance, as Microsoft learns from their Vista mistakes.

While I like XP very much, it’s sad to see Microsoft clinging so tightly to such an old OS. They are spending lots of money on advertising, praising Vista and Windows, and bashing Mac, but they are still sticking to XP. If this rumor proves to be true, one day Microsoft really needs to man up and stop XP and go with their new OSs and show they are making significant progress.

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  • PowerballWinners

    That is really cool!

  • Elizabeth

    I have to disagree with this end conclusion. It's not Microsoft who's hanging on tooth-and-nail to XP, it's us, the consumer, who are tired of being forced to swallow a pill (Vista) they don't want, need or even like.

  • Natesh Sood


    Valid point. But I feel at some point Microsoft has to say enough is enough and go with their new ideas. If they keep sticking with their 8 year old XP, it shows that they are not able to create a newer, more modern OS. Personally, I am glad XP's still going to be around but Microsoft has to be prepared to take the next step with Windows 7.

  • Ed

    1) Many of the "improvements" we saw in Vista could have been done to XP with a service pack.
    2) If MS truly builds an improved OS, prove it by maintaining both and letting the consumer decide.
    3) how many of those improvements are still possible in XP?

    Eight years is an eternity for a Windows OS. XP works well and I'd wager that many improvements could still be made without forcing users to upgrade. Win7 is not about an improving the OS, it's about improving the bottom line.

  • sabrina18

    It's very good

  • L. Benster

    First off, I am a rock-solid XP Pro fan, and I have no use for either Vista or Seven. I am not some wimpy "man-up thing" who sways with every wind that blows in pop-culture. Just because many people are out there running off the edge of cliffs together, I don't have to join into that mindless madness.

    First off, it is just plain stupid that Vista and Seven use too much CPU and RAM resources. That is just bullcrap. Microsoft has created "throw-away culture", as anything concerning computers that is over 15 minutes old, andy-warhol-standard-time, gets thrown away into the garbage heap. That is inhumanly wasteful and reckless. Microsoft is one of the most anti-green companies in existence, and they think that money and human resources grows on trees freely for everyone! What a bunch of idiots. I can still go into NAPA auto parts and buy a starter for a 1932 Ford, so what in the hell is wrong with Microsoft anyway?

    I am a small business owner and I use my computers for my business. I am NOT going to race out every fifteen minutes to "upgrade" to the lastest nonsense in computers. I don't have the time anyway. Those of us who still live in REALITY, (rather than virtual reality), take care of what we got. Microsoft respects no one, much less our planet, except maybe they may respect little bored children with rich parents.

    OS's need to be designed to use less CPU and RAM resources, otherwise, Microsoft needs to sell the rights of XP to some third company who will maintain XP and keep it going, (and hopefully finally put Microslop out of business).

    Microsoft is anything but a "man-up" company, as when in yesteryear, back in my college days, when I was learning computers on an old Apple II, I thought to myself, after I first heard the name Microsoft, what sort of wimpy, limp and lame name is that? I guess the 'wimps do inherit the earth', eh? However, the rest of us human beings do not have to agree with it. XP is the most superior OS that Microsoft ever produced, and it works on both old and new machines alike. So, I think that wastefulness and throw-away culture is just plain wrong and immoral. Wastefulness and throw-away culture does not impress me, and it shows low character in a person.