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Even if you don’t have a Mac or Ubuntu machine, it’s been hard to avoid any news about Boxee lately. Most of the news has been whether or not Boxee can access Hulu at any given time, though that issue is now fixed according to the email Boxee sent out yesterday. With their latest blog post, the Boxee team has announced that its releasing its API so anyone can create apps of their own for Boxee.

The announcement comes with the inclusion of Pandora Radia, RadioTime (which gives you access to local radio stations that stream over the Internet), and the Boxee web browser (Firefox) which is how it solves the Hulu issues. But, now anyone can add services to Boxee without having to bother the Boxee team with making it. Sure there’s CNN and YouTube on the Internet video section now, but maybe you want to get the live feed of Al Jazeera or Bloomberg without having to launch Livestation, or maybe try to find a way to get Vimeo on Boxee. Now you can write the app yourself with just a bit of Python coding.

In keeping with its open source philosophy, Boxee’s App Box takes a cue from Linux depositories, by letting you add your own. So anyone can create their own App Box feed without getting direct approval from the Boxee team. Plex, another XBMC break off has a similar set of supported and unsupported plugins, with unsupported apps ranging from NBC to TiVo, I Can Has Cheezburger, and even a porn site. The main competitor for Boxee once the Windows alpha goes public will be Windows Media Center, which already features DVR capabilities and a special section to help you manage your fantasy sports teams. Through allowing multiple developers essentially have their own version of the App Box, any of these should be possible within Boxee fairly soon.

The App Box currently has a range of apps including College Humor, Boing Boing Video, The Onion video, President Obama’s weekly address video feed and TED Talks among others. There’s no release date on them, and it’s been a while since I’ve booted up Boxee, but the options are there. There’s even an NBA feed to watch video clips from, which gives me hope to see an MLB feed now that the season’s started. Maybe somebody will even get on making an TiVo or Slingbox app, which would make Boxee the hands down choice for media on a Mac or laptop right now, with the App Box coming soon to the Ubuntu and Windows versions.

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