Moxi adds features to compete with TiVo

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Moxi DVR
With the popularity of the TiVo, virtually all other DVRs tend to be at least a bit overlooked. Digeo, the company behind the Moxi DVR is trying to change that and become a big player in the market. With it’s new feature set announcement it is taking a step in the right direction.

The biggest of the new features announced is the inclusion of PlayOn. PlayOn is a video streaming program that pushes video from sources such as Hulu, YouTube, CNN and even Netflix, using DLNA. PlayOn usually costs $40 for a license to stream video to DLNA-enabled TVs, PLAYSTATION 3s, and/or Xbox 360s, but early adopters of the Moxi DVR will get a free license to easily stream web video to their TV.

With the inclusion of DLNA, the Moxi will be able to stream any media stored on your computer as well. So rather than trying to find that one movie on Netflix Stream Instantly, you can stream it another way (of course we’re talking of movies like “Steal The Movie”). There’s also an enhanced Flickr “mosaic” interface which seems rather superfluous in a DVR, but apparently people like seeing photos on HDTVs. It can even be used to browse the web, by bookmarking websites on users can visit those websites through their Moxi, using the remote as a mouse.

The Moxi is looking like a competent competitor to TiVo, especially considering the lack of monthly fees. The Moxi HD does cot $800, though, which is fairly depressing.

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  • Ed

    Why I hate my Tivo (how MOXI can improve).

    I used to love my Tivo. When I bought it, it was fantastic. But now it sucks. For one reason. Tivo, keeps sending me updates. Adding abilities I don't care about and making "my" box response time slower and slower. I understand updating to fix problems. All I want is to have control back. Treat me like a responsible user. Let me refuse updates. I'll accept, even sign a disclaimer if you want, that refusal of updates would force me to live with existing problems.

    To all Internet attatched application developers… stop trying to manage your product *after* the sale. If I spend my money on your product, I deserve the right to operate it as I please. I bought it for a reason, I like it. If you make changes, guess what. Guaranteed, some of your users won't like the changes.

  • greenvalleyranchresort

    so bad