Palm Pre News Bits: Sprint training, TouchStone details, and an update on apps

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The Palm Pre - the most anticipated phone in a long time

All the Palm Pre hype has started up once again. Palm received a lot of attention following their major announcement of the Pre after CES 2009. Then the news died down a bit, but here we are again, and there is a lot of evidence that points to a spring release. In fact, that rumored April 30 release date is looking pretty legitimate right about now. Within the past few days, it has been reported that Sprint has begun training their employees for the Pre, Palm has released some information about the TouchStone, and some Pre apps have received an update.

Sprint employees prepare for Pre

Sorry about the stupid pun. But in all seriousness, a leaked email from Sprint said, “Employees can expect training to start in April as well as multiple communications to get them excited and ready to help our customers.” Here we are, nearly two weeks into April so it makes sense training is about to commence. This could be the big break Sprint has been looking for to get them back on top of the cell phone business. They definitely do not want to experience any customer support when the Pre launches. So it’s good that they are taking the appropriate measures to prepare their staff for the Palm Pre. Especially with Sprint purchasing advertising space for their Now Network, and mentioning the Pre, something’s going to go down very soon for Sprint and Palm.


TouchStone, leading the charging revolution

One aspect of the Pre I am very excited about is the innovative charging method it brings along. All you have to do is purchase the device, and place the phone on it and it begins charging. Also, it is fully functional, so you can still talk on the phone through speakerphone. Now, Palm replied to two people in the form of Tweets to let them know how the TouchStone will be available. The device itself as well as the necessary back cover will be available together or separately. While, how it is going to be available is not all that important, but the fact that they are disclosing information to the Pre’s accessories leads me to believe that the Pre should be ready soon. If the Pre was still months off, why even bring up how the TouchStone will be available?

FlightView and Fandango

Update on Pre Apps

Palm has also taken the liberty to announce two new Apps for the phone. One is called FlightView, which is a handy app aiming to let the user know whether their flight is delayed, or running right on schedule. As you can probably imagine, this could potentially save a lot of confusion and hassle. As for the second app, it is a Fandango app, which basically lets you purchase movie tickets straight from your Pre.

Each and every time I read something that mentions the Pre, it looks like that the rumored date of April 30 is more and more right on the money. With the T-Mobile private launch event set for April 21, and the iPhone 3.0 Software coming in June, we could be looking at a very interesting Spring and Summer.

Stay tuned for more Pre information as it breaks.

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