Virgin Mobile announces the “Pink Slip Protected” $50 unlimited calling plan

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Virgin Mobile has joined the likes of Boost Mobile and has announced a $50 unlimited calling plan. The new Virgin Mobile plan will offer customers unlimited minutes with no roaming charges for just $49.99-a-month, but they have also included a little bonus in what they are calling “Pink Slip Protection.”

Now, in addition to having a low-priced monthly calling plan, you will also have the ability to lose your job and not have to pay for your cell phone for up to three months. Of course, in order to take advantage of the “Pink Slip Protection,” you must prove your situation by showing “proof of eligibility for state unemployment benefits.”

Customers will be able to begin signing up for the $49.99 Unlimited Calling Plan on April 15. Additionally, customers choosing this calling plan will also be able to add an unlimited text message plan for an extra $10-a-month.

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  • irons3

    Wow, what is happening to virgin. The old virgin used to have edge, cool music phones and everything. Now there starting to just blend into the crowd. And to top it off, i hear they are coming out with a welfare phone. Imagine pulling out your phone and everyone around thinking to themselves, haha that person is on welfare, real slick.