Palm Pre to rely too much on keyboard? Takes photos with keyboard extended

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palm pre to rely too much on a slide out keyboard

One of the things about the AT&T Fuze that bugs me is the reliance on the slide out QWERTY keyboard. The Palm Pre seems to be heading down a similar road where key functionality relies on extending the keyboard. These images sent to BGR clearly show two “chosen ones” using their Palm Pres to photo with the keyboard extended.

In my view, having to rely on the keyboard means constant sliding in and out which puts wear and tear on the sliding mechanism but also awkward hand holds during the operations. With the Fuze, I found myself frustrated having to stop what I was doing, slide out the controls and then continue. That start and stop killed the user experience for me. I suspect I am not alone in this feeling.

When I viewed the Pre back in January, I didn’t notice the experience to have this jerky experience, but then again, I wasn’t holding the device during operation. Will the Pre apps require you keep the keyboard extended during use or just when textual input is needed? If so how will the bigger form factor feel to users?

It is said about the iPhone: “The touchscreen is the best thing about the iPhone. The touchscreen is the worst thing about the iPhone.”

Source [BGR]

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  • Benji

    Not really… The G1 also is heavily reliant on the keyboard, currently with no option to enter text without it. At first I thought it'd be annoying, but I soon got over it with the ginormous reduction in typo's.

  • iou

    Your info is faulty. Palm Pre keyboard DOES NOT have to be extended to take photos.

  • JG Mason

    tell us more iou. We're all listening.