GVdialer brings Google Voice to your phone

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GVdialer brings Google Voice to your phoneIf you are one of the seemingly few that currently has access to Google Voice then this latest bit may prove to be helpful. It is a nice app that brings Google Voice access to the iPhone as well as BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia handsets.

With GVdialer you will be able to take your Google Voice number with you anywhere you go, in other words you will be able to make (or return) calls from your cell phone that will look as if they are coming from your Google Voice number and not from your cellphone. In addition to making your Google Voice account a little more useful, this can also serve as a nice way to keep your cell phone number a little bit more private.

Once GVdialer is downloaded and installed on your phone, using it is simple. You will still be able to pick from your current contact list, speed dial, call history and existing number keypad. In other words calls made from your Google Voice account will be the same as you are already used to. This is done because you are able to customize the app to be used on a specific type of calls. For example you can have it handle all calls, just international calls, domestic calls or even have it ask you on each call. Finally, it also offers easy “click of a button” access to your Google Voice voicemail and Goog-411.

As for pricing, it appears that GVdialer will cost $9.99 if purchased for the BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or Nokia. However a quick check of the App Store is showing GVdialer for the iPhone priced at $2.99, of course that may just be for a limited time.

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