Microsoft hints at Windows Mobile revamp

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windowsmobileA job posting on Microsoft Careers seems to strongly hint that a total revamp of Windows Mobile’s updating system is in the works. It describes a one click updating system:

Have you wished to see your Windows Mobile phone with new features “magically” show up without you buying a new one? Do you want to see greater and better quality and cool software delivered to your love ones’ Windows phones from just a click? If this is your dream, this is a place for you. Come join us to make this dream into reality! With the mobile industry’s strong growth and several competitors playing in the field, we are going to have a challenging but fun time to show customers what Windows phone can become in the next few years.

It’s not likely the new system will be in place before the release of Windows Mobile 7 next year, but it’s a step in the right direction. WM users have long lamented the lack of regular updates sent to their phones, and now the popular smartphone OS has stiff competition from Android, the iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm’s hot new WebOS, soon to debut on the much anticipated Palm Pre. For now, WM users will have to be satisfied with Windows Mobile 6.5 which is itself a big improvement over past versions.

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