News Bits: Chrome gets more incognito and the Pre loves the clouds

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More Incognito

Google Chrome just got a bump. The beta version of the Google’s web browser is now version The upgrade is supposed to help with stability and fixes issues with form submissions. Most importantly, Incognito mode works a little better. Previous to this update, if you visited a site even in Incognito mode, it would appear as a visited link in purple on a website. In other words, Incognito wasn’t completely incognito. Now, it’s more incognito — links won’t appear as visited. [Source]

Update 04/15/2009: Google has pulled “due to a slight increase in crashes with early users.”

Pre and the WebOS

And the Palm Pre madness continues. Palm responded to a twitter user today. The user asked if the Pre would work with Linux. Palm’s not too surprising answer was “The Pre will work with any device that works with ‘the cloud’ — more specifics later.” Considering the Pre’s OS is called “WebOS” that makes plenty of sense. Also, that’s a pretty broad statement.

“Any device that works with ‘the cloud’?” These days, that’s pretty much everything. [Source]

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