UnPirate: Find your alternative to Microsoft Outlook

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UnPirate Microsoft Outlook

The Pirated: Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is more than just your basic email program. You can manage your contacts, calendar, and messages in one place without having to use multiple programs. Additionally, you can send text messages directly from Outlook as well as publish your calendars on the Internet. As a stand alone program, Microsoft Outlook will cost you over $100. Check out these free alternatives instead.

Eudora Screenshot

Using Eudora

Eudora has released multiple versions of its email software for Windows and Mac. Features include assigning a downloaded song as your mail alert, an Outlook importer, virus protection, IMAP and drag and drop attachment support. Currently, the manufacturer is developing a new open source version of Eudora that is available in beta. Site: [Eudora]

Mozilla Thunderbird Screenshot

Trying out Thunderbird

Thunderbird is Mozilla’s email software that is currently available in 2.0. One of the best features of this Outlook alternative is the message tagging feature. With this, you can make your inbox into a to do list and tag each message with a personalized message. You can also customize your email with add-ons and extensions. Site: [Thunderbird]


Getting down with Gmail

You can’t really look at Outlook alternatives without considering Google’s Gmail. This email service is wildly popular for a specific reason. It’s free and has cool features, like built in video and text chat, mobile access, saved conversations and an easy to use calendar. I prefer Gmail over Thunderbird since to access the calendar feature for Mozilla’s version, you have to download another program: Sunbird. Site: [Gmail]

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  • kirkrr

    You missed the Chandler project, Mitch Kapor's newly released product, which looks like it contains similar features to Outlook, and is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.

  • Rick


    what about Pimero? We're using it at our office and it's a charm.



  • lynell brunner

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