Web IM service is now open to Hotmail users

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MSN Messenger LogoHotmail has started offering its web messaging service to users in multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, China and other parts of Europe and Asia. With Web Messenger, you can send instant messages from Windows Live pages without the need to download and install Windows Live Messenger. Users will now be able to IM instantly on their PC or shared computers.

An additional feature of the new web based IM is that you can also message directly from your Hotmail contact list. To do this, you simply click on the person’s icon and an IM drop down menu will appear. You can also check a person’s status if they send you an email through Hotmail. If it’s green, the person is online and free for IM.

Web messenger is an optional feature and you can still use Hotmail without being open to chat. To get started, go to the Web Messenger webpage and sign in with your Windows Live ID.

Site: [MSN Web Messenger]

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  • ggendel

    And this is news? AIM Express has been available for many years and has been a staple product for me when I had to use someone else's computer when I travel. MS is pretty slow to catch up.