HD quality Video on Demand now available on the Roku Player

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It turns out that TiVo was not the only set-top box that begin offering HD quality content from Amazon. The HD goodness has also been added to the $99 Roku Player, which seems to be a pretty fair price when you consider the available content. Now that it is available, perhaps the most important point is the price, which in this case is between $3.99 and $4.99.

“The addition of Amazon’s HD offerings to the Roku digital video player is a tremendous enhancement for our customers,” said Tim Twerdahl, vice president of consumer products at Roku.

I have had a Roku Player since the release and have often complained about the lack of available content. However, since the release we have seen the available content grow from a handful of Netflix movies to also include “more than 40,000″ titles from Amazon and now to also include HD quality content from Amazon. Bottom line, this little player will only set you back $99 and a nice part here is that it offers built-in Wi-Fi which should make the installation a little easier.

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