“Kiss cables good bye,” – Bluetooth 3

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That is the message sent by the Bluetooth Special Interests Group (SIG) as they reveal the specs for the latest upgrade for Bluetooth. No longer content with transferring small bits of info at seemly snail-like speeds, Bluetooth 3 promises to transfer big files and high speeds. One question remains: When?


According to Bluetooth SIG, the wheels are in progress to put devices in consumer’s hands featuring the upgrade in 9 to 12 months. Sorry iPhone version 3, no Bluetooth 3 for you. Though, word is it may be possible to upgrade certain Bluetooth 2.0 modules to the new standard.

How fast?

I know what you are thinking: I wish someone could put the speeds of Bluetooth 3 in terms I can understand them, you know, like a Will Ferrel movie. Fear not: “Like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, this latest version was ‘born to go fast,’” said Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. Sounds like someone just downloaded the movie off torrents.

The first Bluetooth had speeds of 771 kbit/s while Bluetooth 2.0 had speeds of 2.1 Mbit/s, with a gross data rate of 3 Mbit/s. Bluetooth 3 is supposed to top out at 24Mbps. To get these speeds, the protocol jumps to the 802.11 band.

For what?

If Bluetooth SIG has its way, Bluetooth 3 will be in everything. They aim the update to change what we use Bluetooth for. Things like syncing your iTunes library, transferring video from a camcorder to the TV, or even sending pictures to print from your mobile phone.

So while the next iteration of the iPhone will most likely miss Bluetooth 3, it is interesting to note that Apple was the first to use Bluetooth 2 in a product.

Product page: [Bluetooth SIG]

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