Gadgetell Review: The Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers

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Gadgetell Review: The Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers

What is it?

The Monster Turbine in-ear speakers (otherwise known to regular mortals as in-ear headphones) designed by Monster’s head honcho, Noel Lee.

What’s good

There are lot of included ear tips with different sizes and shapes. If you’ve got two different sized ears (and you probably do), this lets you get a good snug fit to get good audio. The headphones also come with a case so you don’t end up damaging these things in your bag.

The sound quality is very nice. The bass is good and clear. These headphones are sound isolating, so you don’t have to listen at very high volumes. When compared to my old Sony Fontopia headphones, I only had to have the Monster Turbine headphones at about 1/2 to 3/4 the volume to get the same loudness.

It’s possible that these headphones will open up new seating opportunities to you on the train like it did for me. Those four loud people aren’t so loud when you can’t hear them thanks to the Monster Turbine.

What’s not

The packaging is a bit on the large side. While the materials are recyclable, the headphones would have sounded exactly the same in a package about half the size.

The In-Between

I was initially concerned about the weight distribution of the actual earbud. While the buds look cool, they have a lot of weight to them. I thought that they would fall out of my ears if I had to move around. Running around Grand Central Terminal, I found out that they stay put.

The price is pretty steep at $179.95, although you can get a better deal if you shop around online. I think these may be better priced at $99.

The Crux

The Monster Turbine has good sound coming out of a stylish set of earbuds. Their term of “In-ear speakers” isn’t just a marketing term. It sounds pretty darn good. If price is no object, then I’d say go for it.

Product Page: [Monster Turbine]

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  • Hollywood SportsPark

    they are too much expensive…

  • TheRightStuff

    The Monster Turbine Pros are supposed to be even better. Changed up the cable and all that. 24k gold plated. New engine I think too.

  • Josh

    I've been hearing good things in general about the Turbine Pros myself. CNET gave them a good review: