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There’s a fairly new file syncing program in town, and it is getting lots of positive feedback from its users. Dropbox is an online sync and storage service that is able to be used over Windows, Linux or Mac.

It relies on Amazon S3 storage, and has both a free and a paid storage service; although the free version does provide you with a more limited amount. They claim to have over one million members currently, which isn’t bad for a rather recent start-up.

Signing up

When you first sign up with Dropbox and create your virtual machine, it then uploads the “virtual disk” to their site. The time this takes can vary depending on your upload speed, but once this disk is created, it then gets syced with all of your Dropbox machines.

P2P coming soon

One feature they don’t have yet, but are supposed to be getting is P2P sharing. This will let users that share the same network share any of their files directly. They will be able to bypass first uploading them to the Dropbox servers. As it stands, you can open up your virtual disk from any machine on the network, make any changes you want and sync and save them, and the changes on the virtual machine are able to be seen by everyone.

A word of caution

There is one important thing you will want to take note of before using Dropbox though. If you make any major changes to a file, you have to wait for it to completely finish syncing before shutting down your computer, or you will lose your changes. Also keep in mind if you are looking to do an large shared install…make sure there is enough room if you are using the free version (2 GB), you may need to go Paid which gives you 50 GB.

Have you used it? Do you like it? Let us know your thoughts.

Product Site: [Dropbox]

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