The Seagate Replica, a data back-up solution for your grandmother

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Unlike most external backups, the new Seagate Replica external hard drive is super simple system. It is a complete PC backup system without any added bells or whistles. Like the Flip camcorder, anyone can figure this out. All you need to do it plug it directly into your PC and voila it will automatically and continuously stores up-to-date copies of everything on a PC, including applications, operating system, e-mail, pictures, music, movies, Internet bookmarks and settings.

I would love to say more but it really is that simple. I plugged it right into my future mother-in-law’s laptop and within 2 hours it was backed-up. More importantly, the only directions I had to give her was to plug it back in every two weeks or so (though a phone call may be required). No longer do I need to fear that dreaded phone call about a crashed computer and lost files.

Research by Parks Associates indicates that one-third of consumers do not currently backup the content on their PCs, and of those that do backup, they do so rarely because of the daunting, labor-and time-intensive task of burning CDs/DVDs or manually dragging-and-dropping individual files to flash drives. The Replica Backup System continues to run behind-the-scenes, so that there is no further interaction with the application required. Additionally, when the Replica backup appliance is left connected to the computer, it will perform a continuous and complete backup of everything so the computer is not left vulnerable between backup events as it would be with scheduled software.

The multi-PC version of Seagate Replica includes a dock and is available for homes with two or more PCs for $199.99. A single-PC version is available for $129.99 (both available in May).

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  • vader

    Is your product multi-ISP recognizing? We are using several ISPs in one PC. Is it AOL recognized?