Samsung announces its first Android phone

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Samsung I7500

While we’ve been waiting and wondering about when the HTC Magic would come to the US, it seems Samsung has been busy. As one of the top five major cell phone manufacturers, it promised us Android phones by the end of the year, and it’s making good on that promise. Well, maybe not for Americans just yet, but there’s always hope.

The new phone, which Samsung has dubbed the I7500, will be coming to European countries in June of this year. It will work on Android 1.5, so there will be no physical keyboard to speak of on the device. Compared to the G1, it has a larger battery (1500mAh, compared to 1200mAh), and a 3.2″ AMOLED display which will require less energy than the G1’s LCD screen, though at the same resolution. There’s 8GB of storage on the device, with a possible expansion up to 40GB through a 32GB SDHC card. It also happens to be the first Android phone with a standard headphone jack, which is quite welcome.

The only issue with the Samsung I7500 is the fact there is no talk about a US release yet. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if it comes to T-Mobile within the year, as Samsung has promised US Android phones. What remains to be seen is if Samsung will be releasing an Android phone in the spring here in the US. There have been talks of it before. It would be nice to have two possible choices of Android phones drop on T-Mobile at around the same time. Perhaps it would make the platform seem more viable to the average consumer. Or, maybe with twice the number of options it will stand more of a chance against the iPhone 3.0 when it comes this summer.

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