5 Questions with Katharine Fletcher

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5 Questions with Katharine Fletcher1. Who are you?
I’m Katharine Fletcher, a freelance writer from the UK. I used to write and present the podcast “ChannelFlip Games” and wrote the gaming column “Ludolatry” for Custom PC.

2. Facebook, Twitter, or something else and why?
Both! I despise the fanboy trait of only being able to like one thing from each category, it’s so limiting! I get asked the 360/PS3 question a lot and it drives me nuts.

I use Facebook mostly for keeping in touch with IRL friends, especially friends who live far away. I like being able to see what people are up to and touch base with an occasional comment, without having to phone everyone I’ve ever met once a month!

Twitter on the other hand is great for keeping in touch with the online community, particularly those who have supported my work and want to know what I’m working on next. My followers are great at offering advice, interesting comments, and answers to questions, and in return, I love throwing out links to interesting sites and letting people know what I’m up to. (Katharine2501 if you want to follow me!)

3. Gadget you couldn’t live without (and why)?
Um… does the biro still count as a gadget? [Editor’s note: a “biro” is a ballpoint pen if you didn’t know — I didn’t.] I think there are a lot of early and comparatively simple gadgets that get overlooked in this high tech age.

Imagine if you still had to cut your pens from goose feathers and carry bottles of expensive ink around with you in case you wanted to jot down a note? Developments in writing and recording technology might sound a bit weird to care about, but they have a huge impact on society.

4. Most regrettable piece of tech you own [mine’s an original Sony Reader]
Hmm, tricky one. I get really angry with the HP LaserJet which I bought a couple of years back. It was a really good bit of kit and was quite a hefty investment at the time, but after about a year of printerly joy (yes, just out of warranty), it developed a fault no amount of cleaning and troubleshooting could fix and started printing unwanted blotches down the side of every page.

Even with the fault it works well enough, and was expensive enough, that I don’t want to replace it, but anytime I need to print something smart I have to borrow a printer. If I’d gone for a cheaper model I could happily replace it, or if I’d bought a better one it might not have developed a fault, so yes, a frustrating buy.

5. If you could wish a gadget into existence, what would it be?
A teleportation device! But only if I could wish it into a secret and singular existence just for me, mwahahaha! If I’m being less selfish, then a super small, super efficient solar panel cell that you could wear, maybe as a badge or a necklace, that would be able to collect enough energy to regularly charge your phone/PDA/mp3 player. No more dead battery in the middle of nowhere emergencies, and a nice contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Find Katharine on Twitter: [@katharine2501]

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