Mother’s Day is coming up! 5 gadgets for Mom

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You’ve only got a little over a week to shop for Mother’s Day folks. And hint! Moms like gadgets too. Don’t be boring and just hand her a card or a bunch of flowers, get Mom something cool this year.

Stay away from a sweeper or anything that cleans. Ditto on anything that implies she doesn’t look good and needs help in that department. So, what to buy? What to buy? Here are some suggestions that might work for all different budgets.


1. The Tom Tom One 140 GPS
Face it, a GPS is quick becoming a “must have” for many and this is the latest by Tom Tom. It has a 3.5-inch 320×240 QVGA touchscreen display. There are spoken turn-by-turn directions along with 3D graphics to help you find where you are going anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico. It also features “IQ Routes” technology, which means it tells you the fastest route to take each time you drive, using your actual average speeds of travel on the route to figure out your trip instead of just going by the posted speed limit.

There’s also Advanced Lane Guidance. This guidance uses photorealistic images on multi-lane exits so you can actually clearly figure out where you are supposed to be going. MSRP $180, but right now, the official Tom Tom site is offering $30 back for Mother’s Day along with free shipping.


2. USB Tulip Hub
Ok, not exactly my personal cup of tea, but I know some Moms out there would probably really dig this sort of thing. You know, to make her desk all flowery-pretty and all. It has four USB high-speed ports. (Each one has its own flower). It works with both Mac and Windows, and is compatible with most USB plugs. $22


3. Kaloric Wine Cooler
Now we’re talking! Heck with throwing it on the door of the fridge! This baby is nice. It uses two wireless temperature probes which are inserted into uncorked wine bottles, and it reads the temperature of the actual wine, not the chamber. You can chill one or two bottles at a time (separate temperatures too by the way). You can either use the programmed settings for red, white, or rose wines, or champagne, or set your own. It has LEDs that let you know when your wine is either too warm or too cool, or when the temp is just right. $199


4. My Life Digital Photo Key Chain
Now, there are lots of digital photo key chains out there, but this one seemed to get the best overall reviews from the ones I’ve checked out. It has a 1.5-inch OLED which also features wide angle viewing. It carries up to 100 photos, which makes it a lot easier on Mom’s wallet…no more stuffing all those favorite photos in there! It automatically resizes your pictures to fit the screen, and offers side mount navigation buttons. Even non-tech savvy moms can work this one…it’s plug-and-play. The rechargeable batteries give up to two hours of viewing with each charge, so plenty of time to show off those favorite shots. Compatible with both Windows Vista and Mac. $34.95


5. Kindle 2
Well, you KNEW it was going to be on here, didn’t you? I couldn’t help myself. Just about every mom I know loves to read, so, what easier way to do it than with the Kindle 2? Take it anywhere, it’s thin, it’s light, it’s wireless…nice. Plus, that very large bonus of not having to pay $25 bucks a pop for a book is quite nice as well. They have over 270,000 available books, with almost all (including NY Times Bestsellers and New Releases) going for $9.99. You don’t need a PC to get your books, and they arrive in less than 60 seconds. It will hold over 1,500 of Mom’s favorite titles. $359.

So there ya have it! Five gift suggestions for Mom for this Mother’s Day. Just remember to stay away from the sweeper aisle.

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  • Samantha Zero

    I gave my mom Kindle 2 last Mother's Day and she really love it! My mom is a bookworm and she loves to read most of her time. So, this Kindle made her occupied while staying at home. She read Kindle between house chores or while she's relaxing on the afternoon.

  • yindavid

    It's Really beautiful,thanks!