Use Twitter? 5 bookmarklets you need if you tweet

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Use Twitter? 5 bookmarklets you need if you tweet

Sure you use Twitter. You even know what all those goofy acronyms mean like RT. But you can get more from Twitter with these incredibly useful bookmarklets. The best part? You don’t have to install any software and you can use them from any browser.

1. Twitlet

Want to tweet quickly, but don’t want to bother downloading an app to post to Twitter?  Grab Twitlet.  You click the bookmarklet and it asks you what are you doing.  Then it posts to Twitter for you.  It’s simple, easy and quick. If Twitlet doesn’t work for you, check your username and password. Twitlet doesn’t check if you typed in your info correctly, so a typo causes non-functionality. [Twitlet]

2. Shorten with

Everyone has their favorite short URL service as this point and it’s very important when you only have a 140 character limit.  I’m picking because they have a very quick and easy bookmarklet and integrates with Twitter easily.  Old way: Open another tab, cut and paste a url into a shortened URL site, then place that in your tweet. New way: click the bookmarklet, and you’ve got a shortened URL that you can tweet from the site. One downside, though; you can’t do customized URLs via the bookmarklet. []

3. Follow Cost

I’ve had the chance to play with this for some time.  Here’s the concept: If you want to follow your friends on Twitter, you should know how often they tweet.  Sometimes your friends’ tweets can get buried by your one friend who tweets every two seconds.  You can avoid following then unfollowing them by checking out their Follow Cost.   

Follow Cost tells you the average updates per day as well as the an average for the last 100 updates.  It saves you plenty of time.  Maybe you wouldn’t have followed that guy who tweeted his entire trip to the DMV in 400 tweets if you used Follow Cost. [Follow Cost]

4. Instapaper

So your friends are suggesting links on their tweets, but you don’t have the time to read everything.  That’s no problem.  Grab the Instapaper “Read Later” bookmarklet.  Get a free account with Instapaper, pull that bookmarklet up into your toolbar and when you want to read a story later, click the bookmarklet.  The site even can reformat the page to show you only text so you can easily read on your mobile device. [Instapaper]

5. TweetPkr

This bookmarklet lets you get a quick look at Twitter. It opens a quick sidebar on top of whatever page you are on.  The sidebar is just an overlay that doesn’t navigate you away from the page your are visiting. You can’t sort things (like look at your replies only), but you can put in updates right from the interface.  Hit your Escape key, and it goes away. [TweetPkr]

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  • Mehul

    just tried twitlet, its awesome! super easy to use. Need to bookmark as well…that comes in handy all the time.

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