Forget about CFL bulbs, Philips shows off greener LED bulbs

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Forget about CFL bulbs, Philips shows off greener LED bulbsJust coming off of Earth Day in April, most of us are looking for ways to be greener and changing the lighting in our homes is just one of those ways. This past week, NYC was home to Lightfair International 2009, which is the largest lighting trade show and conference in the world. One of the exhibitors at Lightfair, Philips, unveiled some new ideas about “green” lighting that may soon find their way into our homes.

Philips previewed a 600-lumen A-shape LED bulb for consumers that will be able to replace traditional 40-watt incandescent bulbs. The LED bulb offered is five times as efficient as the incandescent bulb. That is slightly more efficient than a 40-watt equivalent CFL bulb, which requires 10-watts. Also, LEDs do not have CFL’s safety issues. As you likely already know, CFLs have a small amount of mercury in them, which means they must be recycled and extra care most be taken when one breaks.

As a bonus, with all the money you’ll save on electricity, you might be able to spring for that new gadget you’ve been eyeing, say perhaps, the Kindle 2.

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  • Halogenica

    Kindle2? I guess Philips forgot to mention how much LED lamps cost in purchase price? 😉 Or how many years it takes before you have saved enough in electricity to afford a Kindle? (By that time you can probably download e-books directly into your brain and you won't need a Kindle.)

    But great anyway to see more companies working on replacements for the problematic CFLs. When quality improves and prices go down, I'm sure they'll be a better alternative.

  • leipute

    yes,very good!
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  • led sign

    This is good! Philips improves their products and gives buying option on their led bulbs. I do hope that this new invention is much cheaper and save much more energy than CFL bulbs.

  • Halogenica

    Best thing about LEDs is that they're mercury-free, use very little energy and don't give off any heat. But most LEDs for home use are still expensive (even if price has come down during this last year), too dim to be of much use anywhere and still look either ice-blue, pink-white or greenish yellow in colour.

    I plan to visit the next Light Fair to check out the latest models. Meanwhile I'll keep reviewing LEDs and other energy savers as I come across them.

  • Nissanka

    Y philips CFL Bulbs use only for 1 year, after that its just getting Dim, then we hav 2 buy another 1,
    Hoping a answer …
    thanks u