In honor of all you Star Trek fans, now you can have your own ST Internet phone

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I’m sure any self-respecting Star Trek fan knows this is opening weekend for the latest Star Trek film. So, in honor of the big weekend, here is a nifty little gadget just for you. A Star Trek Communicator Internet phone. Say that five times fast.

It is a replica of “The Original Series” with USB (plug and play). It comes with a built in mic and earphones, as well as a built in speaker with 21 sound effects. It works with Skype, AIM, MSN, iChat, and more. The LCD Moire (that little circle in the middle) will spin when the cover is open too.

It comes with a six foot cord, a volume switch, and a mute button, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Mac.

By the way, word on the street is that the movie is worth the ticket price. Star Trek fans (and even someone you are dragging along) should really enjoy it. Though it is argued that it isn’t quite as good as “The Wrath of Khan”.

MSRP on the Communicator is $44.00.

product page: gadget4all

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  • Stu

    That does look pretty cool -i must for any trek fan. Is it just an internet phone though? Or can it be used like a normal one

  • Jodie Andrefski

    Stu…from what I've seen with it, just an internet phone.