The 5 worst tech habits (and how to fix them)

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The 5 worst tech habits (and how to fix them)There are plenty of good practices to pick up when working with a computer. However, it’s really easy to fall into traps by being lazy. Take a look at this list. Do you have lousy tech habits? The first step is identifying your problem. Next, is finding a solution.

5. Not having a junk e-mail address

So many sites require signing up to get access to more information. Software registration also asks for your e-mail. Giving out your personal e-mail address can make for a very cluttered inbox. Sure you could create filters to avoid this, but you can stop the problem from happening from the beginning by getting a junk e-mail address.

Now many people suggest using your gmail account and modifying it. So if your e-mail address was “” you could write “” instead. Then you could filter out those messages. While that does work (and is nice for filtering purposes), not all sites accept an e-mail with a “+.”

There are several ways around this. You could just sign up for another e-mail address. However, there are many web services that give you a temporary e-mail address. This is very handy when you sign up for forums.

4. Not cleaning out your inbox regularly

The amount of unread e-mails in your inbox can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you’ve just got to put your head down and go through your e-mails. The trick is really consistency. If you do a little every day, you’ll take care of it. Remember, 5 minutes of work is still better than none.

Keep something in mind, you don’t have to read every e-mail. Take a look at the sender and the subject and see if it’s even worth reading. You can get rid of lots of e-mails this way. Not cleaning out your e-mail can lead to lost opportunities.

3. Using one password for all things

This is a huge mistake. Sure, having one password for your e-mail, your computer, your Facebook account and everything else is easy. The only problem is, if someone figures out that one password, you’re sunk. You don’t have to get paranoid with super-hackers messing with your Facebook status, but your roommates may have a propensity for pranks.

How can you avoid this? Simple. Grab some other passwords. You’ll need some kind of password manager, but it’s worth it.

2. Poor file structure

Do you have files strewn all over your hard drive? Are your pictures partly in your “Downloads” folder, and some are in your “Pictures” folder? Do you have music on your desktop and some in another folder? Who knows where your documents are?

What makes this such a bad habit? The fact is, you can probably find your files using searches and then saving those searches for smart folders. However, it does rob you of precious time and processing power. Why make your system run a little slower?

You can actually pick up some software that will move your files for you if you don’t feel like doing the work yourself. Check out Belvedere written by the guys at Lifehacker. Now you’ll know where everything is instead of wasting time.

1. Not backing up

Admit it — you don’t back up regularly. This is always trouble for lots of people. The more data you have, the larger your backup solution has to be.

The fact is, you don’t need to back up your entire hard drive. Having a cloned drive is always nice so you don’t skip a beat, but if you want to be somewhat lazy about it, you can just back up your most important data. There’s a really easy way to do this.

Get Dropbox. Dropbox’s primary purpose is to sync folders on multiple machines. However, Dropbox also creates an online copy of your files. Every change you make to files in your Dropbox is uploaded to a server somewhere in the world. You’ll be backing up without even knowing it. [Dropbox]

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