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5 Questions with the guys behind FollowCost.comIf you took a look at Gadgetell’s recent post on 5 bookmarklets you need if you tweet, you may have heard of The site lets you find out how annoying someone is often someone tweets. If you want to read what your friends are doing that can be difficult if you end up following someone who tweets his entire day. Today, we’ve got the guys behind FollowCost answering 5 Questions. 2 guys, 5 questions, 10 answers.

1. Who are you?
Luke: Luke Francl, freelance hacker. [Pictured, on the left]

Barry: Barry Hess, prime hacker at Iridesco. [Pictured, on the right]

2. Facebook, Twitter, or something else and why?
Luke: Twitter. I didn’t join Facebook because I was too old when it started and now that my Grandma’s on there, it’s too lame.

Barry: I have a Facebook account, but I’m not a very active user. Twitter rules the day!

3. Gadget you couldn’t live without (and why)?
Luke: Cliché, I know, but I love my iPhone. The always-on Internet is totally awesome. I hardly ever use it to listen to music.

Barry: Does Hulu on my laptop count as a gadget? If not, I’d also have to go with the iPhone. Although I find myself on it too often and I sometimes regret even having the device.

4. Most regrettable piece of tech you own [mine’s an original Sony Reader]
Luke: Probably a Treo 180 smart phone. Piece of junk, broke almost immediately. It made me swear off smart phones for 5 years.

Barry: I actually sold this long ago, but I owned a Sega Genesis 32X back in the day. Definitely my worst tech purchase.

5. If you could wish a gadget into existence, what would it be?
Luke: I would love a e-book reader with universal access to humanity’s shared library. Sort of like the Kindle but with every book ever and no DRM.

Barry: A mobile Netflix device with a high-resolution screen would be great. A mobile Hulu device would also be great. However, a mobile Netflix+Hulu device would signal the world has come to an end, which is something I’d like to avoid.

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