Google changes AdWords policies to permit use of trademarks

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Google changes AdWords policies to permit use of trademarksGoogle has adjusted their policies in order to allow users of AdWords to included trademarked names into their ads. Users can start creating the ads as early as today, but the new ads will not go live until June 11. This inclusion is an attempt at creating a better user experience as well as allowing AdWords customers to better target their audience.

This change permits ad creators to write ads with brand names in text without getting express permission from the brand’s owner. The following was posted on the Google blog:

“Under certain criteria, you can use trademark terms in your ad text in the U.S. even if you don’t own that trademark or have explicit approval from the trademark owner to use it. This change will help you to create more narrowly targeted ad text that highlights your specific inventory. For example, under our old policy, a site that sells several brands of athletic shoes may not have been able to highlight the actual brands that they sell in their ad text. However, under our new policy, that advertiser can create specific ads for each of the brands that they sell.”

This change can benefit users by preventing unnecessary clicks on ads that are generically worded. It can also help ads stand out instead of being lumped in with hundreds of other generic product ads. Placement on webpages is likely to be improved as well since audiences will be better targeted when the company can use actual product brands instead of phrases like designer shoes and brand name clothing. Further details about the change to the Google AdWords trademark policy can be found on the Google website.

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