Gmail intros new lab – automatic message translation

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Example of Automatic Message Translation in Gmail

A lot of us have family living in multiple countries where they probably speak different languages. How many times have you received an email from a relative in a different language and had to resort to translating online? I’m sure most of us have encountered such a problem at one time or another. Today, Gmail attempted to solve this problem by introducing a new lab which, essentially translates the email from the foreign language to one you are more comfortable with.

To access this lab, begin by going to Gmail and navigating to the lab page. Once there, find the message translation lab, enable it, and find an email that is in a different language than your current settings. Luckily, I have in email in my inbox that is in French, so I’ll use that email to test out the lab. Immediately, a message came up displaying three options – “Translate message to: English,” “Change Language,” and “Learn More.” After pressing translate to English, it took about three seconds to change the body of text from French to English. The translation was made possible by use of Google Translate, which is a decent translator, but not as best as a human translator.

It’s pretty interesting how Gmail was able to recognize that there is French text in the email, because the email I translated contained both French and English. Keep in mind that there may be a few translation errors, but I’m sure you will be able to get the gist of the message. As most Gmail Labs, it takes a few days for it to roll out to all accounts, so be patient!

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