Accessing Internet via cell phone is now possible in North Korea

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North Korean Flag

North Korea is a country that likes to do things their own way and be totally separated from the outside world. However, with today’s current technology, it’s pretty hard to be completely isolated from people because of the abundance of communication tools. It was only a few years ago that North Korean citizens were allowed to use cell phones, and a few days ago, it was announced that cell phone users could now access the Internet.

The North Korean government, headed by Kim Jong-Il, has taken the appropriate measures to construct a 3G network, starting in the capital, Pyongyang. The country has a population of 23 million, but only 20,000 people living there actually have cell phones.

I imagine a good percentage of that number to be government officials. Unfortunately for these 20,000 people, the web will be limited, as a way to continue censorship. A lot of North Korean news is censored, so one of the major websites that can be viewed will be their official government news agency called Korean Central News Agency. In addition, users should be able to access entertainment on the web including music, book information, arts, and possibly even chatting. All these features were found on a Korean website, but it’s not known whether it can be accessed on cell phones.

For the sake of North Koreans, I hope the limited Internet, isn’t too limited. Either way, it is a good step in the right direction for the isolated country. Hopefully will not be blocked in North Korea.

Via [Yahoo! News]

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  • gandharva

    What a surprise that after a long time or period mobile internet facilities arrived.