Dell’s Mini 9 netbook closely approaching its end-of-life

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Just recently the Dell Mini 9 product listing has been going on and off of the Dell website. This led many to wonder whether the site was being updated or if Dell had other plans. Initially, I had thought it a little strange, in part because the Mini 9 seems to have a fair amount of popularity as far as netbooks are concerned, but mostly because it has only been on the market for around 11 months now.

So far, nothing has been noted officially, however Engadget has mentioned they have spoken with Dell and were told that “the Mini 9’s being phased out” and sadly it could be gone as early as this Monday. Not much time left, but if you were considering a Mini 9 purchase you may want to jump on that now before you miss out.

Of course all things considered, the removal of the Mini 9 with its 9-inch display may not be all that shocking because Dell seems to be focusing on their Mini 10 more and more. Not to mention, other netbook makers have also been shifting away from netbooks that are smaller than 10-inches. All in all it sounds like a good thing, personally, I think 10-inch displays are the sweet spot for netbooks anyway.

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  • gandharva

    This is good news and i think this Dell Netbook only will use to use internet and and an stand alone computer.

    I think it will work NiVio Windows Desktop released in Delhi…

    It will better to whom they only use internet, cheap and best.