Gadgetell Review: Philips NP2500 Streamium network music player

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What is it?

The Philips NP2500 is the new wireless network music player that uses Streamium technology. This sleek player is ideal for anyone that wants to listen to Internet radio while away from their PC. You can also share music with a PC by installing TwonkyMedia server as well as access your Rhapsody music account.

The Good

Setup is super easy with the NP2500, you turn it on and it updates the software automatically. Once you setup your wireless connection and hook up to a speaker system, you can instantly listen to Internet radio. The player offers access to a ton of stations, both national and international.

It will take you awhile to get through the stations, since the player gives you free access to thousands of them. Once you find your favorites, you can save them to the “Favorite Stations” menu for quick access. If you have a Rhapsody account, you can sign in through the NP2500 and access your music or download new songs. If a new member, you can enjoy a free 30 day trial of the music service.

The remote has numerous features that allow you to better manage how you enjoy the network music player. You can set a sleep timer, rate stations, pause, shuffle songs and much more.

The Bad

The only downside that I found was that it did not have its own speaker system. This factor really affected the portability of the device. It needs to be hooked into a stereo or set of speakers in order to play. There is a NP2900 available with built in speakers that resolves this issue.

The Crux

The price isn’t bad for the NP2500, you can find it online for less than $200. Definitely worth a look.

Site: [Philips]

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