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the sling back from quirky entrepreneurial website
How many times have you had an idea for a gadget that would be cinch to make millions? You know, things like harnessing the heat-retention properties of an fried egg roll and applying it to winter gloves. I am getting off track, but a new service called Quirky will help get your idea on track. You supply the marketable concept, they supply the customers.

Every week users post ideas on quirky to be rated by the quirky community. The community surveys the scene during the 7 day evaluation period, finally choosing one product from the pool of submitted ideas to move forward through the process. quirky’s community then contributes to all aspects of development, weighing in on everything from naming to logo selection to packaging.

Start here.

So you’ve got the next great widget. Head over to and submit your idea for a cool $99. From there, your project garners 7 days of commenting, refinement, and analysis. Every week the community votes for a project that will move forward. If yours is voted, woo hoo!

Then the community contributes more, settles on packaging, names, logos and the like and then the good is put up for pre-sale. If the product reaches a pre-sale level, production is begun and credit cards are charged. The money starts rolling in.

Where the dough?

As the inventor, you along with the contributors divy up 30% of the proceeds.

The first product to come out of quirky is the Sling Back, a clever little widget that becomes a universal wire retractor keeping your headphones, USB cables or similar tangle and mess free. It is on pre-sale now for $9.99 and has sold 41 out of the needed 500 to go into production. It will be interesting to see if it makes it. Check out this video from

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  • Shehryar Kureshi

    These goggles will have the ability to translate/encode the objects of real world into virtual world material and objects in real-time according to the pre-installed data already allocated and associated with the real world object stored in the extensive 32+(GB) memory car or USB 3flash drive. If any unidentified object will appear during a real world VIRTUAL WALK then that unidentified object will either be traslated as the closest match to that object from the Object Data Library or will be stored under "unidentified" object folder for later viewing purposes and adding detail to it or linking it to the closest match to the object already present on memory card library.
    These VIRTUAL Goggles will come with different pre-installed VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT or will have the option of installing ur own favourite virtual environment. The 2 or more users using the same Virtual environment will be able to detect and communicate with other users using the same environment through wireless connection (maybe Micro-wave or Wi-fi).
    For example if User "A" is using a Virtual Environment of EROTICA or EXTASY (Level1-3) and comes across any other user "B" then a little blinking msg will appear on the screen of ur goggles along with the location and ID of that other user. Then you'll be able to enjoy the REAL WORLD VIRTUAL EROTICA in real world and real time provided the other person accepts your invitation (Warning: Don't take off your goggles bcz people and objects might not be what they'll appear to u in Virtual environment, The beautiful brunette you are flirting with in the virtual world turns out to be an old and not so cool lady…lolz)

    Now there are few major issues in developing or should I say INVENTING such goggles and turning the dreams into reality.
    1) A hyper fast Nano Processor with built-in hyper and life like fast gfx technology which can translate and encode almost everything of this real world into a virtual one in real time without any latency(It means even the most ugliest things of the real world will appear beautiful to you…lolz)
    2)A way to give commands with the movement of your eyes ora device which can translate thoughts into commands.
    These are couple of BIG issues which cud come into my mind.
    BTW the cost of this gadget will be quite high but I'm sure if it will be invented it will sell like hotcakes just like any of Apple's gadgets.
    Shehryar Kureshi