Facebook: Coming to an Xbox 360 near you

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Microsoft has certainly been the charmer at E3 this year. People went gaga over their new Project Natal (as well they should!), they announced a way to deliver movies in 1080p format…no disks and no waiting for download. And also, they worked with the uber-social networking site of the time, Facebook, to have it work fluidly right with your Xbox.

With this new technology, Facebook users will be able to hop on through the Microsoft Xbox Live service, and bring Facebook right to their television screen. You will be able to do all kinds of Facebook actions, like update your status, check out your news feed, listen to music and browse photos.

The gamers that use FB will probably like the newest perk…the ability to take advantage of Facebook Connect to show off their gaming prowess and ability. Gamers can publish screenshots and other things right to their Facebook account. You can also take your Friends list on Xbox Live and, if you’ve linked your accounts, send out friend requests for those people on Facebook.

Microsoft clearly want to make it one-stop shopping on the TV. In addition to adding Facebook, they have also added the Internet radio service, Twitter, and XBox Live Party. John Schappert, corporate VP for interactive live, software and studios at Microsoft says:

“We are always asking ourselves how to make TV more social. By bringing Facebook,, and Xbox Live Party for movies and TV shows to Xbox Live, we’re not only extending the walls of your living room beyond your home to your friends in different corners of the world, we’re creating the definitive social network.”

With the Xbox, you may never have to leave your living room anymore. Has this really become our life?? I’m not convinced that is saying a lot.

via: informationweek

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  • gandharva

    oh, really I m fan of both Microsoft and also Facebook.

    What a surprise that both coming on same track i m really happy…

    This is good. and will be the best for windows user and also will increase in busines….


  • Milo

    this is going to be brilliant. what an innovative way of getting more people interested in your console!