Palm Pre Day 001: smash hit!?!

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Pre launch day opens with a bang and sold out signs
Today, Sprint and Palm began selling the hot new Palm Pre phone through company stores, Best Buy and Radio Shacks across the nation. The verdict? Hot. White hot. And don’t even try to find the handy Touchstone wireless charging accessory as many locations sold out of them before actual Pre phones.

As lines formed for what Sprint and Palm warned would be low stock counts, many were concerned they’d be shut out on launch day as stock ran out. And true to form, many were given forms to get notified when a new shipment arrived. But those that left with the new Pre phones were “wowed”.

Consumers overall seem very pleased with the phone, not so much with activation which isn’t uncommon:
“Activated and it’s really amazing. Very fast. Love the multitasking and cards. Camera was excellent. Screen is beautiful.”
“Phone is f-ing awesome!”
“After the typical problems porting and activating”

Around the webs, I read only one review from a consumer that was meh. Not bad considering someone has to be upset.

One note that was common is the phone was less than stable until an update to 1.0.2 where after that, the phone seems to be behaving fine. Also a common theme, a bunch of DOA phones seem to have made it into the product stream. Several purchasers started on a bad phone only to have it swiftly replaced with another. Sign of the times or a problem brewing?

So far, Palm looks to have sold well. Not iPhone well, but well for Sprint. It will be interesting to see how consumers deal with webOS phones on multiple carriers, a feat even the mighty iPhone hasn’t been able to achieve.

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(photo credit: Engadget)

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