Palm Pre breaks Sprint sales records, sells an estimated 50,000

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It seems that at least the executives from Sprint Nextel have deemed the Palm Pre a success. According to some estimates, the Palm Pre sold anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 units in the first two days. Of course, these numbers are just estimates, and to break that down a little bit more, JP Morgan has given the estimate of 50,000 while the WSJ has suggested the higher number of up to 100,000.

Either way though, the launch broke the current sales records for Sprint. Tim Donahue, vice president of business marketing for Sprint, would not discuss specific numbers but did state that,

“We experienced our best one day of sales and single weekend sales for any phone we’ve launched in our history,” he said. “We sold out of the device over the weekend in most of our store locations. And it happened at a much faster rate than we had planned on. “

All-in-all, even breaking the sales record aside, these numbers seem pretty decent. Especially when you consider the original iPhone sold 146,000 units in that first weekend and that AT&T is a larger carrier. Of course, while they seem to have had a great opening weekend, which seems a little sweeter considering many phone geeks could have been waiting for the Apple announcement before committing to a purchase. Now we have to sit back and see if it continues to sell well.

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