Gadgetell Review: Black & Decker 18V Smart Select Drill

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What is it?

This is the Black & Decker 18V Smart Select Drill (Model BD18PSK) that currently sells for $82.44 at

What’s in the box:

  • 18V Drill/Driver
  • Two 18V batteries
  • DC charger
  • One double ended screwdriver bit
  • Storage bag


  • 11 easy-to-read project icons
  • Settings for screw driving and drilling
  • Settings for working with wood, metal, and plastic
  • A rechargeable 18V battery
  • T-style grip in the middle of the handle for comfort


I took it out of the box and plugged in the battery to charge in the morning. Easy enough. According to the manual, the battery takes nine hours to charge. By the time I went to use it, it was actually a little more than that, and it was all ready to go. I tried it out and it worked great.

I was totally impressed with how fast it was and surprised at its light weight considering the size of the battery. The drill was easy to use and didn’t feel awkward at all. I used it to drill through wainscoting, and also into a wall. No problem with either; it handled the jobs nicely.

The icons that allow you to select what job you are going to be doing are really helpful and I can see where these would really assist in preventing mess-ups due to going too fast or slow or drilling too deep.

Because it is really relatively light, it is simple to maneuver it around for different jobs. Your arm doesn’t feel like it is breaking holding it. Obviously, the fact that it is cordless is a perk, so there is no cord to get tangled up while you are working, or get in your way.

Another bonus is the key-less chuck. You don’t have to worry about stopping and using a key (or losing the key) while you are in the middle of a project.

Final Thoughts:

The Black & Decker 18V Smart Select cordless drill makes doing your job more simple. It features settings for you to pick from telling the drill what you are going to be working on, so you don’t have to worry making the wrong choice. It’s light and easy to handle, even with the 18V battery. The battery seems to hold a charge nicely, so you don’t have to deal with switching batteries or recharging constantly. It’s definitely a good tool to have around the house for any of your do-it-yourself projects.

Product Page: [Black & Decker ]

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  • Hattitude Black

    This looks great. I want one 😉