Microsoft nearing unveil of free virus protection

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When running on Windows, it’s usually a bad idea to surf the Internet without some sort of virus protection. For most people, this means buying software from McAfee or Symantec, both of which make billions of dollars selling security suites that include virus protection. Microsoft looks to be taking them on (as well as free alternatives like Avast and AVG) with its own free virus protection, code named Morro.

Microsoft’s Morro will have just basic virus protection services. It will most likely protect against, detect and eliminate viruses on the user’s computer. It won’t be a full security suite like Symantec and McAfee offer, but should work just as well for the average consumer. That really isn’t all that surprising, as Windows already has a firewall that arguably works well enough for most users. Windows Vista and 7 also include Parental Controls that are generally including in those other security suites. All it lacks at the moment is password protection, encryption and backup.

Morro looks to be ready for beta “soon,” but with no real date announced. To keep the promise Microsoft made when it killed off OneCare last November it needs to release Morro by the end of the year. It is a nice idea to have yet another free virus protection program, but it might suffer a bit of an image issue. There are those who believe that Microsoft is at fault for the viruses that pop up because it is the one that makes the OS the way it does. It’s very doubtful that everyone out there will trust a Microsoft developed virus protection program.

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  • gandharva

    okay this is good an Idea. Since this will increase the productivity and protection and the user will feel free and tension free to use that there is no need to purchase extra third party Antivirus so, it is integrated.

    II hope this will increase the productivity and protection and tight security to protect data.

    Thanx for kind information.