May the Force be with you with the Star Wars “The Force” trainer

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Science fiction turns real life with the Force Trainer by Uncle Milton. With it, players manipulate a sphere inside a 10-inch-tall clear training tower by using a headset that actually uses brain waves. No…I’m not kidding.

The headset reads your brain waves using EEG technology, and allows the movement of the sphere depending on how hard you are concentrating. Young Luke indeed. You have to get into a state of deep concentration to get to what is called Force-ful effect. The creator, Frank Adler, of Uncle Milton Industries,says “When you concentrate, it activates the training remote. There is a flow of air that will move the (ball). You can actually feel like you are in a zone.”

The way it works is that the wireless headset will read your brain activity using dry EEG sensors, and then the circuitry will translate that activity to a physical action. When you focus enough, the sphere (which looks kind of like a ping-pong ball), will go up in the tower.

We have the new Natal coming out, which seems like it is going to be utterly amazing — no controllers and you can play and interact. Now, in addition, we have toys that literally read our minds?

And this isn’t the only one coming out within the next couple of months. Mattel is also planning to come out with a Mind Flex game, which will use brain-wave activity to make a ball maneuver through a tabletop obstacle course. Neurosky’s Greg Hyver, who developed the technology for both The Force Trainer and Mind Flex states that “Until today, EEG technology has been designed for rigorous medical and clinical applications with little regard to price (and) ease of use. We are putting this exciting technology into everyone’s living room.”

The Force trainer will also emit sound effects as well as audio clips from the base unit. This is to “cue you in to progress to the next level (from Padawan to Jedi) or when to move the sphere up or down to keep challenging yourself,” Adler says.

Before you try to wear the wireless headset and go around levitating things in your house, it won’t work that way obviously. But you will be using your actual mind power through one of the first brain-to-computer products that has been mass marketed. “It’s been a fantasy everyone has had, using The Force,” says Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing.

The Force Trainer is set to sell for about $90 – $100. There is even a countdown page showing when it is set to come out. Online pre-orders start for the Force Trainer July 23rd.

More from the Star Wars Science line will be appearing in July with a lower price tag attached at about $25-$45. Some of those toys are the SW Darth Vadar Robotic Arm, the SW Optical Command Unit, the SW Jedi Telescope, the SW Jedi Projector, the SW Naboo Sea Creatures set, and the SW Mustafar Volcano Kit.

Until then, may the Force be with you.

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  • Assunta

    $90-100 for a ball in a tube that just moves up and down? Sure, the first time you get it to move will be cool, but after that…Booooorriiinnnggg!

    Not worth $90-100. Might as well get several new games for your Wii or PS3 or Xbox.

    Now however, if they could modify this toy into a ball within a transparent SPHERE…and you can move the ball left, right, up, down, etc….that might be more fun. Or the ball does not need to float in the air. It can lay on the ground, but you can control where it rolls with brainwaves…that'd be worth $90-100 bucks. This toy is so crappy….great concept…lame execution.