TechnologyTell, the magic 8 Ball of the web, officially launches

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Print Friendly has launched this week and is designed to help visitors make difficult decisions that they may be facing. The more you use the site, the more personalized your answers will be. From your profile, can answer questions for you like, “Should I move?” “Should I go on a blind date?” and “Where should I go on vacation?”

Before you ask a question, you will also need to teach the engine some things about you. You will be given a survey in order to let your personality type. Questions you can opt to answer will reflect your political beliefs, relationship status, likes and dislikes. After finishing the survey, you can ask a question and receive an answer specifically for you. Instead of using search engines to find answers, it compares your data to other people on Hunch just like you. You will also be given process of elimination quizzes to help make your decision as well. states that it will not sell any of the data you give them to third parties. That is an important consideration if you are telling the site exactly what type of things you like. Want to know more about Hunch? Gadgetell took a look at Hunch back when they were invite only. Take a look here.

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