Opera “reinvents the web” with Opera Unite

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Opera Unite

For days Opera has been teasing us with its promise of reinventing the web today at 3 AM EDT. The line “reinvent the web” made it seem like it would turn out to be somewhat of a joke, but it looks to actually be a worthwhile idea. Opera’s new idea is called “Opera Unite.”

The idea behind Opera Unite is simple: turn everybody’s computer into not only an end-user of the web, but also a web server. This might sound a bit strange at first, but Opera has some nifty services to start out the Opera Unite idea. These ideas range from the obvious of hosting your own websites on your own computer, to what Opera is calling “The Fridge” which actually displays what looks like a refrigerator that others can leaves sticky notes on. There’s also MobileMe-esque features like file and photo sharing, but rather than storing them on a separate cloud that could possibly be unreliable, you can store the files and images on your own computer for others to view and/or download.

There are two other features that really stand out as something interesting. First, there’s the lounge that allows users to log into one person’s Opera Unite-enabled computer to chat without the worries of other chat programs not running well. The last is possibly the most useful and allows for music streaming from your computer to any other web browser. You could have access to gigabytes of music from a netbook or cell phone that has minimal storage.

Opera Unite looks as if it could actually reinvent the web given time. It all depends on how well it is adopted among web users, and what other services are put out there. It is doubtful that those who must endure bandwidth caps will really enjoy Opera Unite, which could lead to some issues with adoption. But for now, it looks to be an interesting idea that should hopefully catch on, even with only a dedicated few.

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