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Picaboo photo books discount

It’s that time of year when kids start bringing home photos from sports, classroom images, artwork, reports and other stuff I typically have no idea what to do with. What to save? What to trash? This year, I think I’ve found a solution.

Meet Picaboo, an online photo finishing solution that turns all these memories that I’ll soon lose or trash into keepsakes in book form. The process works like this: download Picaboo proprietary software, run the program, and you’ll be creating your photobook in no time. The software is 309kb in size. I am not a big fan of downloads and would rather build the book in the cloud, but the software does allow some special things.

picaboo photo books for graduates

I’ve built photo books with other sites like Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Blurb. I found Picaboo to offer a bit more customization than the others allowing me to change more of what is a bit bland in the others. I found the software allows me to be more creative which I really liked.

What’s the deal?

Picaboo is offering a buy one/get one free photo book. Here is how, straight from Picaboo:

*Use coupon code JUNEGF at checkout. Buy any qualifying photo book(s) and get one of the exact same photo book(s) for free when the coupon is applied (for example, order one Large Classic book, get a second copy of the same Large Classic book for free). The cost of the free book(s), including extra pages, will be deducted from your order total

Company site: [Picaboo]

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