Gadgetell Giveaway: Father’s Day prize package

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Gadgetell Giveaway: Father’s Day giveaway package

Haven’t done your Father’s Day shopping yet? Maybe you’re a dad and want to get yourself something nice. Well, Gadgetell is giving away some real dad-friendly gadgets.

You can win a prize package of both the Stanley 100 Watt Power Converter and a Black and Decker 18V Smart Select Drill. Gadgetell even reviewed both so you can see what you’re getting into.

How do you enter this giveaway? That’s super-simple. Register with Gadgetell, create a profile and leave a comment to this post saying something nice about your Dad. Remember, you must be registered and have a profile for your comment to count as an entry! It’s that easy.

Contest will close on June 21, 2009.

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  • johnw1982

    My dad was always a great listener and I can always count on him for advice.

  • AsTheNight

    My Dad is always there for all his children, in any way possible.

  • Shawnna

    My dad always surprises me with visits and gets along GREAT with hubby

  • cdziuba

    My dad is a spectacular dad. We are so alike in ever conceivable way…we even look alike. He is a great provider, and FUNNY!

  • ggendel

    I owe my dad a lot. He owned and ran a electrical supply and lighting showroom and that's where I grew up. As a youngster I built forts using boxes of romex, assembled and hung thousands of chandeliers, and we eventually ran it together before I went off on my own career. He was an ethusiastic supporter of what I wanted and was always building or fixing things. He's not around anymore, but I'd like to instill the same values to my son.

  • Carol G

    My Dad was a funny, smart, hard-working man who loved his family dearly. He could be counted on to tell you when you were wrong and give support in anything we wanted to do. I miss him a lot.

  • heatwave316

    I get the best of many things with my Dad, he's fun to sit and watch crazy movies with and he's always there to help me out with advice when I need him.

  • Harriett Daniel

    My dad is always there for me!

  • peg42

    My father is just a super guy! He's the most compassionate and thoughtful person that I know.
    He has cared for my illing mother for the past few years and refuses to get help from outside sources, instead wanting to care for Mom himself.
    He was a great father to my brother and I, and now he is a wonderful Grandfather to my sons.
    He is always there to help anyone who needs a hand.
    He's a wonderful example of a wonderful Dad.
    Thanks so much.

  • abfantom

    My Dad is taught me how to fix just about anything. He is the ultimate handy-man!

  • Kathy Scott

    My dad has always supported me no matter how crazy the things that I wanted to do. He is the best.

  • jilltonja

    My dad just moved to the same town and I haven't lived close in 20 years so this is great.

  • MajorHavoc

    My dad is no longer with us :(
    However, I hope I'm becoming the great dad that he was!

  • Sheila B

    He is the sweetest, most patient and easygoing man ever.

  • brianpiero

    Thanks for the giveaway…My father was a career Army officer who was a tough "sob" when I needed it, and the strong, loving, witty, & wise person who showed me the meaning of sacrifice that I called Dad…he also paid for a good 2/3 of my college tuition, for which I will be eternally grateful.

  • moonshadow43

    If I won this amazing gifts I would give them to the most amazing dad I have ever know. My husband, who raised 5 children with me which were 2, one boy and one girl were mine from previous marriages and his 3, two boys and one girl from his previous marrige. When we got married they were 3,4, 6, 7, and 8 years old. We raised them with all the normal problems of children but we had a lot of additional problems being a combined family with all the ex's and ex grandparents being in the mix too. My husband supported us, loved my children as much as his own and gave each child their own quality time too. He loved us all and there was never a question on who he loved most. Now all the children are grown. We have 4 granchildren with one on the way. My husband's dream is to have his own garage with his tools to work on what he wants to and these gifts would be such a great additon. If we are blessed enough to win we will be so thankful. Thank you for offering such generous giveaways !

  • kniterdesigner

    I would love to win this gift for the best dad and grand dad ever. My husband raised my 2 kids from previous marriage and has completely treated them as his own. Our daughter passed away about 3.5 years ago, leaving a husband and 2 daughters and my husband has continued to treat our son-in-law as his own, even buying and filling a freezer. Now we are flying the girls up here for 2 weeks and my husband is making all sorts of plans. For our son, he put him in great high school and we together paid for most of both kids' education – never ever a complaint or hesitancy about any of it. This is a wonderful gift he would really enjoy and he likes to do projects around the house.

  • sfidance

    My dad has always been one of the smartest people I have ever known. He has always cared about my future and has given me the best advice.

  • colorfulcarla

    My dad is a people person. He is very sweet and gets along with everyone.

  • triciaco

    My Dad is always there for me. He's a great grandfather, too.

  • Patricia Treskovich

    my dad was a real gentle man in every way

  • dawns41

    My dad is great. He always supports me no matter what and never makes judgments. I hope to win!

  • TARA132

    my dad was always someone i could talk to – he would always listen and give me a hug :) love you daddy!

  • beth shepherd

    My dad is a wonderful caring man. Thank you for the chance

  • fluggy

    My dad always made time for me no matter how busy he was.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Happi Shopr

    My Dad is always there for us, tells us to believe in ourselves, makes us laugh and is an excellent listener.

  • Stephen

    My dad is always there for me, and he loves to do work on his own instead of paying someone else to do it. This would be great for him 😀

  • phillip stacy

    He worked many years at a horrible job to raise a family.

  • Tina12312

    My Dad is a great caring man who takes care of my stray cats. Thank you!

  • ymmat83

    My dad has always been great with my kids.

  • dpsweep

    My Dad is super supportive. He has always believed in me and been there for me.

  • steelraptor

    My Dad puts everyone else before himself- he is totally selfless and loving. I love that about him!

  • Erma

    My dad always helps anyone in need and works very hard for us.

  • Ronni Fox

    The nicest thing that I can say about my dad is he was wonderful when we were little ( prior to puberty).

  • Ann

    My husband would love it.

  • jayfr

    My Dad taught me how to use power drills. But he started with hand drills and yankee screwdrivers first, to make sure I knew what that power was saving me from.

  • Rachel Robertson

    My dad raised three daughters all on his own. He had to answer embarrassing questions we had as we grew up and even though he would turn beet red he still answered them. We grew up being the perfect mixture of being feminine and can also take a car apart and fix it, rebuild a new roof or add a new room to the house and still catch a fast ball!

  • Jennifer McKay

    My dad was an amazing man – always letting us help with his projects. I even helped build our TV when I was 11.

  • Deborah Weaver

    My dad is an awesome man, always there whenever I need him.

  • isavegas

    My dad is a wonderful man. He is always there for me. Thanks for the contest.

  • Geoff K

    My dad has always sacrificed so that I could enjoy all the things he never could growing up — even though he never made a fortune, he still sent me to Italy on a high school trip and paid for me to go to the college of my choice — and through it all he's always made sure that his main goal for me is to do what will make me happy and a better person. So on every occasion I can, I try to express my gratitude to him and let him know how much his support and guidance has meant to me!

  • antex

    LOVE YOU DAD!! there couldnt be better

  • Jennifer gersch

    my dad is cool

  • Christine

    My dad has always been there for me. No matter what. :)

  • Valerie Furr

    My Dad passed away early only in his early 60's, but he was the most
    nicest and kindest men I have ever known. He never raised his voice
    growing up and alwways hugged me and my sister and show lots of love.
    My husband would sure love this prize he needs one badly so he would
    love this prize our two daughters did not get him this for fathers day.

  • witchy64

    My dad was a good cook.

  • deja612

    My Dad is charming.

  • Nanette Olson

    My dad taught me to be adventurous and not afraid of trying new things.

  • Catherine KingChuparkoff

    My dad was always there for me in anything I wanted to do…I miss him.

  • willitara

    My dad always welcomed a tag-along little girl who followed him everywhere. He taught me how to do my own repairs, to respect my tools and don't be afraid to try something new (although he wasn't terribly happy when I went off to Europe alone).

  • Taminar

    My dad and I didn't always get along, but he always supported me and helped me through rough times. I miss him a lot, especially on days like today. Later, I will take him flowers and tell him I still love him.

  • Miranda Allen

    He helped me through many binds

  • blueviolet

    My dad was a peace maker.

  • Ardy22

    I have one of the best Dads around. He raised 3 sons on a meager salary and we all did him proud

  • Sand

    My dad is a very open minded, caring individual who treats everyone the same.

  • Boca Boi 786

    my dad is amazing and fun and loves to build great things…this would be so nice to give him
    thank you

  • NoName

    My dad is very caring.