Cideko introduces wireless keyboard plus mouse

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Cideko Gaming Keyboard

I’ve seen wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and wireless mouse devices that work in mid-air. However, I have never seen a wireless keyboard that acts like a mouse before. At Computex 2009, Cideko had on display a new gaming keyboard that would act like a 3D mouse when moved around in mid-air.

My first reaction to such a product was, “What’s the point?” But it does seem like a cool idea, albeit a little unnecessary. Think of all those computer games that you could play without actually using a mouse. By simply moving the keyboard around, you have access to all normal mouse features as well as the ability to type at the same time. To right and left click, simply press the buttons located on the top of the device.

It reminds me of a game controller, where the main buttons are located on the top. Otherwise, it’s your average QWERTY keyboard, but a bit more compact for added comfort and portability. No word on exact measurements, though. Lastly, it features a row of media controls that can control songs and volume.

Since it was just shown off at Computex, not much specs or details have been released. We don’t know how long the battery life is, or how sensitive the keyboard is as a mouse, which is definitely important for gamers. Unfortunately, no word on pricing or availability at this time.

Below are a few more pictures of the keyboard.


Front view of Keyboard

Top view of Keyboard

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  • gandharva

    What a surprise it seems just like JoyStick.

    But this is the best for example it will helpful in winter, try to use from bed. no nedd to get up and go to sit nearer to the computer system.

    i m very very thankful to that whom they have invented this…..

    Thanx a lot.