Rumor: Google Voice opening for public availability today

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So far, this one is being planted firmly in the rumor category, that said, I for one hope it happens. According to Natali Del Conte, Google will be opening up Google Voice for everyone as of today June 18, 2009.

What we can tell you is that on the Buzz Out Loud (Episode 999) podcast, she mentioned that her contact at Google emailed her stating that June 18 was going to be the official public launch date. Unfortunately a quick check of the Google Voice website still notes the service as only being open “for GrandCentral users.” That said, it is still early in the day.

So far I have not seen anything else, either from Google or other sources that confirm or deny this. I guess we will have to sit back and check a little later today.

Read [CNET] Via [BGR]

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