New Blackberry Messenger coming to all OS 5.0 devices

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Looks like that hot new Blackberry Messenger (“BBM”) that everyone seems to love will be coming to all Blackberry devices with OS 5.0. And folks are lovin’ it. Previously, only select models were lucky enough to be blessed with BBM, while the rest were stuck with something that looked like something out of decades past. BGR has apparently been playing around with it on the Curve 8900, and claims it’s here for all with 5.0.


So, what does this give you? GPS integration with proximity sensing for one. Then, you’ve got avatar support. The ability to set and group your conversations by subject is another. You can create homescreen icons for your messenger contacts. Are we having fun yet?

It also features PIN barcode scanning, which will allow you to add your friend by simply entering their PIN. They just click the barcode option on their device, then a barcode will appear which can be scanned with a Blackberry camera and then you’ve got an addition to your contact list. That’s it!

Everyone wanted threaded SMS support, it’s now here! How about the fact that you can now backup and restore your messenger list to microSD card. Have fun Blackberry fans!

via: [BGR]

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  • gandharva

    i ma sorry i not interested to use Black berry since this not for all i mean not for general uses so i think this is not a good news to me that i uses Cell Phone simply.

    Thanx for kind information.

  • Henricus Widya

    I want to download the new bersion OS (5.0), my device is Storm 9500, please advice, thank you