iPhone 3G S activation may take a couple of days

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Deja vu anyone? Much like last year’s fiasco after the launch of the 3G, we are now again seeing server problems when customers are attempting to activate their new 3G S handsets. It just ain’t happening.

Many customers, to their rather irate chagrin, are finding themselves getting the message, “Your activation requires additional time to complete. Due to the current activation volumes, it may take up to 48 hours to resolve your issue. We will send a confirmation to [your email address] once your activation is complete.”

That’s not exactly what you want to see across your spiffy new screen that you paid all that money for, as well as waited all that time to receive, I’d wager. But there’s not a heck of a lot you can do about it either.

It seems that the servers are caving under all the waves of consumers trying to activate their phones at once. Thus, error messages galore. Those lucky souls that activated their handsets before noon Eastern time Friday were able to do so for the most part glitch-free. It’s just those people after that time that are running into trouble.

Apple does apologize for inconveniencing the customer, and says even with this setback the customer can proceed to set up their handset and check out features that don’t require access to the AT&T network. (I wonder if you are still paying for this connection even though you don’t yet have it?) After consumers disconnect from iTunes, a message shows up on the iPhone 3G S screen saying “Waiting for activation: This may take some time” (ya think??)

Hopefully once all the customers do get connected, they won’t run into any of the problems folks had after last year’s launch of the 3G, where thousands couldn’t function correctly or make calls, or kept getting knocked off line for extended periods of time. Kind of makes the shiny apple appear a bit wormy.

via: appleinsider

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  • kentyman

    I talked to them online on their technical support chat. She changed the SIM and IMEI in the system by hand, and everything worked. She said this would've eventually happened automatically, but she just did it manually instead. You might want to try the same thing if you can't wait any longer.

  • naveed

    hi there,
    kentyman can you send the link so i can also sovle my problem thanks

    i have the iphone 3g 16gb white which i pirchased from ebay, before the seller sent it she resotred the phone, now i am having the same problem, its about a year after the 3g version came out so it shouldnt be that busy, the message has apeared for around 2 day's. any solutions. please help. i dont want to return the phone as i like the phone please tell me there is a solution.

    p.s. can someone give me a way to contact apples iphone service as i think thell speed the procees up.