Gadgetell Peep Show: LG enV Touch

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LG enV Touch

One of the newest, exciting phones to hit the Verizon network has been the LG enV Touch. It combines an innovative touch screen that opens up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for quick and rapid texting. Not to mention, it comes with a 3.2MP camera, a full HTML browser, and 16GB microSD expansion for music playback.

I haven’t had enough time to give a full review on the enV Touch, but here are some of my initial thoughts on the device as a whole. The touch screen is very simple and easy to use for both T9 word texting, or hold it landscape for a virtual QWERTY keyboard. Of course, you can always open it up and start typing on the physical keys instead. The HTML browser can be very quick to load up pages, or it can be painfully slow, it depends on the signal strength at the time. I’ve had the ability to play a few games on the phone, and it looks very nice on the internal screen. Music has been easy to add to the device, and the speakers allow for clear, loud playback.

Check out the gallery below for some unboxing pictures. Expect a full review of the phone in a few weeks.

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  • gabby

    I just got the env touch and let me tell you it is awesome. if you like music with good sounds, texting(wich who doesn't love that), awesome games and much much more get this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!