Oh yeah Touchstone? iPhone can do that now

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WildCharge for iPhone emulates touchstone palm pre

WildCharge is bringing wireless charging to the iPhone and iPod touch via special skin (like a case) your device must wear, then be placed on the special WildCharge charger. True to its word, no cables are necessary. Since the iPhone does not have a replaceable back cover to swap out for one that can be compatible with wireless charging, the long route must be taken.

This is a tough way to copy what the Palm Pre Touchstone did so elegantly. Sure wireless charging wasn’t invented by Palm, but they sure made it elegant. This solution is a decent work-around but isn’t near as elegant as Palm’s solution. Do you need to go this far to wirelessly charge up your phone? For the iPhone, the answer is yes.

Other phones can be used in this method as well. WildCharge makes skins for a few BlackBerry models, the ubiquitous Razr from Motorola and even a universal no-wires charger kit.

According to WildCharge, their new skin is even compatible with the new iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3GS (whichever Apple decides they are going to call it).

What is pleasant about this whole deal is the price. The adapter skin for the iPhone and charger pad is just $79.99, a little more than the Touchstone from Palm at $69.99.

Product Page: [WildCharge]

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